Q How do people use your facility?
A Some guests come to work, others to study or read or meet other freelance workers.

Q Are you open everyday ?
A We sometimes close on Wednesdays but it depends on guest’s schedules.

Q Do you have a car park ?
A We have space for several cars infront of the office as well as in the garden.

Q Is it necessary to make reservations?
A Use of the co-working space is normally fine without reservations but to avoid disappointment we recommend to reserve. For use of the whole building including the guest house we recommend to reserve well in advance.

Q How can we pay ?
A Please pay in Japanese yen, cash only.

Q What is included in “free drinks”?
A We normally have coffee, tea, ice tea etc.(Depends on our stock)

Q Can we bring our own drinks?
A Yes but please refrains from bringin too much alcohol to avoid problems with our neighbours.

Q Can we bring food ?
A Yes but please do not bring bad smelling things like natto or durian ! There are some places to eat nearby but not many.

Q Is your facility non-smoking ?
A Yes, the whole facility (oofice and guest house) is non-smoking but guests can smoke outside (please bring an ashtray – our neighbours get angry if people drop cigarettes on the road.)

Q What space is shared with the guest house[
A We share the main entrance, kitchen and ground floor toilet.

Q Is there anywhere to store valuables?
A Sorry, basically we can’t keep your valuables so please keep yourself.