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Compared to scuba diving, even the inexperienced can safely enjoy the beautiful waters of Okinawa by snorkeling. The ocean in Okinawa is clear enough to offer a view of colorful fish in shallow water, rather than going further offshore. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also have the opportunity to swim along with various types of reef sharks. You can literally spend hours floating over Okinawa’s endless coral heaven.
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Stand-up board (paddle board, SUP) is a marine sports that stands on the board and uses paddle. Because there is buoyancy, it is easy to get into waves, and when there is no wave, it is fun just to paddle. Because it can be enjoyed even on a flat sea surface without waves and wind, it is drawing attention as a marine sport that can be enjoyed from children to elderly people. You can enjoy SUP while watching coral and fish at Okinawa sea. Please try by challenging in the sea in Okinawa.
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sea kayak

sea kayak

Sea kayaking will take you to a different view from usually seen landscape in the great nature of Okinawa.
Seeing the beautiful underwater from the top, have a feeling of closeness to the ocean, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.
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Trekking course s run through the Hedoutaki region, which is composed of limestone. Visitors can see plants unique to limestone areas, set among grand views of karst topography.
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Awamori distillery tour

Yanbaru awamori distillers allow visitors to tour their facilities for free. Visit one and take a closer look at the art of distilling awamori. The tours usually end with complimentary samples of products. It is a great chance to learn about ? and sample ? some the different types of awamori that are out there.
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Hiji fall trecking

The waterfall can be accessed in an attractive and easy hike along a nature trail through the forest.The trail comes to an end at the Hiji Waterfall, which makes an impressive sight. Nestled in the forest, the waterfall is about 26 meters tall. The sound of the running water and the tranquil atmosphere of the forest make the waterfall a good spot for a rest before making the return trip to the trailhead.
Visitors can enjoy Cyathea lepifera, Mucuna macrocarpa, and other plants unique to subtropical zones while walking, and even spot the Okinawa woodpecker and Ryukyu robin if lucky.
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Nature Guided Tour

This forest allows observation of wild plants and animals amid the surrounding laurel forest, communicating a sense of the richness of the forests of Yambaru. Guided walks along nature trails, birdwatching tours, and more are available here.
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Star watching

Do you go to bed quickly in preparation for the next day when on vacation? You might be missing something! You may be missing some beautiful night views. You may want to consider cutting back on a bit of sleep or delaying the start to your next day after you see the night views available in Okinawa.
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