Learning Okinawan Culture

In this year, on 23rd to 25th of August in Okinawa, Obon will be coming. ancestor worship is a strong tradition. Obon, the yearly festival to honor the dead in the seventh month of the lunar calendar, when the spirits of ancestors return from the netherworld.
In those three days, the family offers many traditional foods, which the deceased might have particularly liked while alive.
Also the offering includ the others stuff, fruits, ‘Ganshina’ made of straw for carry friuts with ancestors, brooms made of leaves, sugar canes etc.
Today, we will be making some brooms in our space.
Materials: Lespedeza juncea, yarn, plastic rope

Learning Okinawa cuisine


‘Chanpru’ is a typical Okinawa’s home cooked dish.

The word of ‘Chanpru’ means mix in English.

Several chopped vegetables and some others(for example, luncheon meet, corned beef) into a frying pan saute quickly with seasoning.

Finally, some instant Japanese buillon ‘Dashi-no-moto’ that is most popular in Okinawa, add into the frying pan.

Dragon boat race

explore Okinawan culture

Last Sunday was 4th of May in lunar calendar.
On that day, in various fishing communities throughout Okinawa, the dragon boat races called hari are held an annual event.
It is observed to give thanks to the sea god and pray for the safety and prosperity of fishermen.
The dragon boats, are made of lightweight wood, are painted colorful pattern.
The crews are consist of one man at the rudder to steer the boat, another man stay at the bow, beating make paces for the paddlers.
While the races, the audience cheering and shoutting for their communities’ team.

Ryukyu lacquerware

Today, I’ve made a panel of lacquerware.
I am challenging one of techniques of Ryukyu lacquerware, “Chinkin”.
It’s very difficult for the beginners to crave onto the polished lacquer surface.
Next time, I would like to place gold dust into the resulting grooves to a black one.

Book review “The Like Switch”

The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over

It is very interesting for me.  However, there are many actions that everyone has done usually?  We have studied such things from the experience.

I think everyone wants to be liked by as many people as possible.  Especially it is more important to listen to your partner than to talk about myself every time.