SEASIDE OFFICE is a co-working space located in Kunigami Village in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture.

I chose to come and live in this wonderful environment and opened seaside office so other people can also enjoy our life style. Our office is literally a stone’s throw from a 1km long white sandy beach where you can free your mind, open your imagination and be creative ! You can enjoy working in our fibre optic wi-fi coworking space, print, scan and copy (at small additional charges)
and then take a stroll along the beautiful beach and be inspired for your next project.

At the end of the day,enjoy a BBQ outside in our garden or on the beach and then stay  at “Maki’s guest house Hechima-sou” – on the second floor of our building where 4 of the 5 Japanese style (tatami) rooms have a beautiful oceanview.

We hope to see you soon to enjoy an energising balance between work and play, we are happy to introduce guides to show you the beatiful beaches, trek through Jurassic jungle or snorkel / scuba in our emerald green sea.


SEASIDE OFFICE is located by the seaside in Kunigami, a village filled in nature in the north of Okinawa mainland, Japan. Kunigami Village  the wild nature is often compared to Jurassic Jungle and attracts visitors from throughout Japan as well as the World. Many Japanese choose to move to Okinawa and live in Kunigami!

About Kunigami

In Kunigami village, there are large and small mountains which form the highest peak of the main island of Okinawa.
These mountains approach the coast of the east and the west, and the village is located in a slight alluvial lowland. 90% of the village is forest and wildland, it’s a treasure trove of natural greenery.

In Yonahadake mountain area, the thick evergreen broadleaf forest is home to a unique tropical ecosystem. You can maybe find precious and rare animals such as the Yanbaru kuina (Okinawan Rail) and the Noguchi-gera (Okinawan woodpecker), which are protected by the national government.

The West Coast is included in the Okinawa Coast National Monumental Park. Turn your attention to the ocean, the coral reefs, crystal-clear blue seas, white sand beaches combine to form breathtaking beautiful sites.


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What will you do today?
Look up the sky, dive into the ocean, feel the cozy breeze against your skin, have a nap on the beach. Or maybe take a stroll into the forest, breath the fresh air, look at the various green leaves, listen to the birds singing.
Or explore the small town, learning about the distilled spirits ‘Awamori’.